Voted by peers to New York Magazine's 2013 Top Doctors - Facial Plastic Surgery; Rhinoplasty Revision; and Nasal Surgery.

Dr. Sam Rizk has been chosen as a Top Facial Plastic Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist by Castle Connolly, the #1 Organization which selects Top Physicians in every field based on recommendations by their peers. Dr. Rizk has also published his original techniques in many plastic surgery journals, which requires peer review by other plastic surgeons to deem it original and worthy of publication. Dr. Rizk is often selected by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to do their plastic surgery.

As one of the most sought out experts in New York, Dr. Sam Rizk was invited to speak at the Harmonie Club about the latest advances in facial plastic surgery on December 2, 2013.

New York facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk is featured in Surgical Aesthetics, where he discusses catering services he offers patients from abroad. As one of the most celebrated and talked about New York facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Rizk gets 40% of his business from abroad!

Dr. Sam Rizk noticed a rise in facial plastic surgery in males. Dr. Rizk notes that among men, neck lifts, nose jobs, and removing eyelid bags are the most popular procedures. Because of an increase in male necklifts being performed, Dr. Rizk pioneered his Rapid Recovery Neck Lift procedure to allow his patients to return to work earlier. Read more about Dr. Rizk’s findings here.

Dr. Sam Rizk is featured in an American Health & Beauty article discussing the increase of necklift surgery in women. Read more about why women consider getting a neck lift over a facelift by clicking here. Dr. Rizk believes women get necklifts because they tend to pay more attention to their face than necks. This can increase collagen loss and allow wrinkles to form.

Dr. Rizk featured on Examiner answers questions about plastic surgery. Read more to learn about how to choose a plastic surgeon, the differences between modified vs. deep plane facelifts, 3D high definition rhinoplasty and rapid recovery neck lifts.

Dr. Rizk featured on the Daily News and discusses about a spike in male plastic surgery. More men are seeking for plastic surgery procedures, such as male necklift surgery and lower eyelid bags plastic surgery with blepharoplasty.

Dr. Sam Rizk is featured on’s Luxury Travel section where luxury medical tourism to New York is discussed. Read more about Dr. Rizk’s medical tourism to NYC here.

Dr. Sam Rizk discusses the benefits of cheek implants, fat grafts and a natural looking balance in the lips. Plus, the potential behind ‘PRP facelifts’.

Dr. Sam Rizk has been noticing a trend about the men who visit his New York City Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Men in their 40s and 50s are often interested in Botox, eyelid surgery, and rapid recovery neck lifts to look more refreshed and less tired, while men in their late 60s are interested in necklifts, modified deep plane facelifts and eyelid rejuvenation.

Read more about Dr. Rizk’s comments here.

In this guest editorial of PRIME magazine, Dr. Sam Rizk discusses the ever expanding global landscape of cosmetic medicine, aesthetic surgery and consumer demands.

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