Voted by peers to New York Magazine's 2013 Top Doctors - Facial Plastic Surgery; Rhinoplasty Revision; and Nasal Surgery.

Dr. Sam Rizk has been chosen as a Top Facial Plastic Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist by Castle Connolly, the #1 Organization which selects Top Physicians in every field based on recommendations by their peers. Dr. Rizk has also published his original techniques in many plastic surgery journals, which requires peer review by other plastic surgeons to deem it original and worthy of publication. Dr. Rizk is often selected by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to do their plastic surgery.


Dr. Rizk's philosophy is a customized facelift and necklift with jawline and cheek definition. Dr. Rizk does many different types of facelift and necklift surgery and customizes the lift to your face and degree of aging. One lift does not fit all patients and Dr. Rizk does not have a "signature procedure" because each face is different.

Dr. Rizk's philosophy in his lifts is a natural lift which avoids the "pulled" look of older skin lifts. He also does a facelift which not only makes a patient look YOUNGER, but also MORE ATTRACTIVE. This is an important concept because Dr. Rizk's facelifts also reposition volume from the jowls into the cheeks. He lifts in the deeper layers which encompass not only skin and muscle, but ALSO jowl FAT. This repositioning of volume is important because it creates definition, rather than just "tightness" and it looks more natural. The loose muscles in the neck are pulled and tightened behind the ears and also in the middle under the chin from a small incision under the chin.

Dr. Rizk also pioneered the use of 3-Dimentional high definition telescope systems to visualize the face better in the deeper planes, making it a much safer procedure which avoids blood vessels and other structures. With this 3D telescope technology, the scars are smaller and the recuperation is faster because the surgery becomes very precise. Rapid recovery is just as important for Dr. Rizk's New York City Park Avenue practice as is a natural and long-lasting result.

Widely respected for his advanced minimally invasive application of ground breaking surgical techniques, Dr. Sam Rizk's approach is based on philosophy that each individual procedure is tailored and customized to the individual needs of each patient. He uses minimally invasive endoscopic techniques to reduce downtime. Dr. Rizk is focused not only on a natural result but also on the speed of a patient's recovery. To optimize this intent Dr. Rizk uses preoperative as well as intraoperative and postoperative minimally invasive techniques and medications to achieve this rapid healing.

Patient privacy is very important to us and only patients who have given us special consent to use their photographs are on the website or blog. Some have requested certain features be blocked out and we honor those requests so you may see certain patients with their eyes blacked out.

Topic – Latest Advances in Customized facelift Surgery – Not one technique for All, Use of short scar facelifts, Use of Tissue glues in Facelift Surgery.

Bookmark and Share features Dr. Sam Rizk, a New York Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. They describe Dr. Rizk as an expert in Rhinoplasty and Facelift for Hispanic patients. Dr. Rizk uses a unique innovative approach in Rhinoplasty and Facelift surgery which gives his patients natural looking results, making him the best facial plastic specialist in New York.

Mann Cover July 2010

The July 2010 issue of Mann About Town Magazine features Dr. Sam Rizk, one of the pioneers in the latest PRP facelift technique, the Pure Graft system. Dr. Rizk discusses the process of this new cosmetic facelift procedure and addresses its benefits. This new procedure uses the patient’s own fat, which is “superior to synthetic fillers, it lasts longer and there is no risk of allergic reaction”.

To read more about PRP Facelifts, click here.

Dr. Sam Rizk was featured on where he discussed the increase of mother-daughter “cosmetic duets”. He says “I see it when there’s a wedding”. “The mother wants to have a little face lift and the daughter is getting a nose job. Or they both come in for Botox or fillers. I’ve even seen a daughter-mother-grandmother combo”. It is common for family members to get plastic surgery after seeing other family members get it, especially when the results make them look rejuvenated and young again. This is very common and is happening all over the country.

Dr. Rizk has been chosen by the most trusted reference source, the Castle Connolly Guide as one of the “Top Doctors” in the New York Metro Area for 2009 for his expertise in facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty. Dr. Rizk was chosen as a “Top Primary and Specialty Care Physician” based on reviews by his peers and patients. He is a New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon recognized for creating natural-looking results and is the first surgeon to use 3D high-definition techniques.

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Body Language Magazine

Renowned New York Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk discussed different facelift techniques that he uses in his practice on “The European Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Anti-Aging”. He discussed different procedures, reviewed how he performs deep plane, endotine, and short scar facelifts. Dr. Rizk is best known as the facial plastic surgeon whose final results after a facelift is a more natural looking appearance, where the jaw line and neck line are defined, leading to a more prominent image.

TATLER is a U.K. based magazine which talked about Dr. Sam Rizk in there “Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2010”. Dr. Rizk, founder and director of Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery was featured in their article “Postcards from the Cutting Edge” was featured as the Star Surgeon of the article. Dr. Rizk is described to have a practice “with its own super-discreet operating theatre and multilingual staff”. They labeled his rapid recovery techniques as being “light years ahead of his peers”, and TATLER quotes Dr. Rizk who said “I redistribute fat from the jowls back to where it belongs on the cheekbones”.

Dr. Sam Rizk was a featured guest speaker at the 14th Annual Mount Sinai symposium on the latest advances in medical and surgical dermatology. His lecture on Sunday, December 11, 2011 was held in front of a large group of dermatologists from all over the US. He was invited to deliver a lecture on the topic “Facelift Surgery – Latest Advances & How to Customize and Achieve a Natural Result”.

Click on the following link to view the event’s brochure:

Manhattan’s Top Beauty Docs is a highly selective listing of New York’s elite cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists and beauty practitioners.

Harper's Bazaar September 2009

Dr. Rizk was featured on the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar commenting on the issue of “instant anti-aging makeovers” for the magazine’s “Best of Beauty” section. As a renowned facial plastic surgeon from New York, Dr. Rizk says that “Botox is great for the brow. I don’t like how unnatural brow lifts can look.” Read his discussion on Botox and why he thinks it’s better for the brow than brow lifts.

3D Facelift

3D Facelift

“Demi Moore’s face is smooth and youthful-looking – but with none of the frozen features of other over-Botoxed stars decades younger than her. And while her body looks taut and toned, even top cosmetic surgeons find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what the 46-year-old has had done recently.”
“The secret to Demi’s unlined but naturally plump-looking facial features is, Grazia can reveal, a procedure called the 3D Neck and Facelift, pioneered by New York-based surgeon to the stars, Dr Sam Rizk. The $20,000 operation uses 3D imaging to analyze the face and then microsurgery to scoop out fat from the jowls and reposition it in the cheekbones.”

Click here to read the full article from GRAZIA.

Tomorrow Show with Mo Rocca
Dr. Rizk was featured on CBS news where he spoke with Mo Rocca on his show “The Tomorrow Show with Mo Rocca” about ways to stay “Forever Young”. Mo Rocca wonders how people are able to live longer and wonders if it is due to advancement in technology and speaks with one of New York’s leading facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Sam Rizk on what people can do as they age to live longer. Dr. Rizk uses Mo Rocca as an example and shows him how he would most likely age, and what procedures could correct them to give him a more natural appearance.

The Washington Times
New York facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk said he noticed an increase in CEOS and Executives who would travel to his New York office for facial improvements to distinguish themselves from others in the business world. Plastic surgery is not cheap, but for patients like Mr. Slatkin, it has become an increasingly important investment, especially with all the competition.

“Some of them have held a job for 25 years, are in their late 40s, early 50s, and have never considered plastic surgery,” he said. “Now they are laid off, the competition is fierce and they find themselves going into the job market with a lot of younger people.”

“I think that our society and our country judges us by our appearance, whether we like it or not. But these are men who want to be judged by their resume, very educated people,” he said. “If you give the image that you are tired and have not slept, that image doesn’t do well in an interview and people do make character judgments about the way you look.”

Mr. Slatkin added, “The economy is so bad … and it’s not getting better soon. You need hope. This gives you hope.”

Excerpt from “The Washington Times”
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PSP Magazine

Plastic Surgery Plastic Magazine (PSP) says Dr. Rizk’s new book is “A Must-Have for Aesthetic Bookworms”. Dr. Rizk is scheduled to release a new book about an entirely new approach to facial rejuvenation and offers a new approach in facial rejuvenation.

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