We often receive requests from out-of-town patients who wish to consult with Dr. Rizk on their facelift. As a highly experienced and well-respected face and neck surgeon, his facelift expertise is in high demand. In order to accommodate requests from patients who cannot travel to NYC for an initial consultation with Dr. Rizk, we have put together an internet consultation process. This process allows patients outside of New York to consult with Dr. Rizk without traveling to NY before their surgery. Once the details have been agreed upon, a surgical date can be set, and the patient can make plans to meet Dr. Rizk in Manhattan for their surgery. The process for an internet consultation is outlined below. Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional assistance completing these steps.

Photographs and Registration Form

Take Photos: Dr. Rizk will need to see what your face looks like in order to determine if a facelift can help you achieve your goals. Since you won’t be meeting him in person, he will use photographs of your face to make this decision. The photographs should be:

  • Headshots (your face should fill the frame)
  • High resolution
  • Clear and in focus
  • Taken against a plain, solid background
  • Well lit and free from shadows

You’ll need to send 6 photos of your face from the angles listed below:

  1. Frontal view of the face, looking straight at the camera
  2. Left profile view
  3. Right profile view
  4. Left oblique or 3/4 view (angle your face about 45° away from the camera so 3/4 of your face is showing)
  5. Right oblique or 3/4 view (angle your face about 45° away from the camera so 3/4 of your face is showing)
  6. Base view, with chin tilted upwards so both chin and nose are seen

Complete Registration Form: Download and print the patient registration form. Complete the form as completely and accurately as possible and sign in the appropriate places. Then scan the file and save it to your computer.

Send Email to Dr. Rizk: Now, you can send the 6 photographs and the completed, signed registration form to info@drsamrizk.com. Now that you’ve done your part, you can sit back, relax, and wait for Dr. Rizk’s response!

Dr. Rizk’s Evaluation

You can expect to receive a response from Dr. Rizk within 10 days, but usually much sooner. His response will include an evaluation of whether you are a good candidate for a facelift and the revisions he thinks would benefit you. The email will also include a quote for the cost of the facelift.

Next Steps

After receiving Dr. Rizk’s evaluation, you can call our office to set up a surgical date if you’d like to move forward. Some patients have additional questions for Dr. Rizk and would like to consult with him via phone. This can be arranged for a fee of $350, which will be applied towards the surgical fee if a date is set.

Should you have any remaining questions about this process, do not hesitate to contact our NYC office. Our caring staff is always happy to answer any questions that you might have about working with Dr. Rizk or participating in an internet consultation.


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